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You cannot log into India Bet. Coming Soon.

1xBet offers a wide range of sports betting options and casino games. It is one of the best cricket betting sites in India, offering convenient deposit methods, a user-friendly betting platform, and live betting features.

Welcome to India Bet, a website community dedicated to betting in India with an emphasis on trust, responsibily and transparency. You will need an India Bet account to gain access to members only activies like the India Bet League and receiving digital rewards.


Currently, India Bet does not allow logins. You can still log into the OG India Bet website, through your browser.

OG India Bet


  • New India Bet: We have just re-launched the website which focusses on betting education and responsibility from bookmaker reviews to keeping track of your mental health. The India Bet League, a seasonal betting competion will be launching soon.

  • Old India Bet: The original social betting website. OG India Bet will continue to work until the IPL 2024 completes, see more below. Keep betting there to give yourself the best placement in the new India Bet League, launching after the IPL.


For some of you there may be issues logging into your India Bet account through the old website, if you have used the app for an extended time (thank you). We suggest you reset your password with an email link. Be sure to be in full control of your email account.

Limited Time

The Original (OG) India Bet website will be available until the end of the IPL 2024 at which point your rank will be transferred into the new India Be League (IBL). Your rank will determine which IBL divison you will be placed in. Rank weighting is top secret so you continue to play on at your own risk.

The India Bet App is no longer avaialble. Please use the new India Bet website in your browser plus you can still access the old website, for now.

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