Advertising Policy

Updated 18 March 2024

All adverts and outgoing external links to bookmakers on India Bet go through a responsible gambling popup which clearly gives users the opportunity to read our review, see the bookmaker rank, close the popup or continue to the bookmaker. We firmly beleive in responsible gambling and we ensure that our adverts are quick to load, not spammy, do not trick the user and have clear intent.

Please read our legal disclaimer below and ensure you have read and understood it.

Exposure on India Bet

If you would like exposure on India Bet then please contact [email protected].

What do we offer for bookmakers?

  • An unbiased review of your bookmaker, see our bookmaker section for examples.
  • Homepage adverts depending on how highly you rank.
  • Your offers and promotions shown in our dedicated section, depending on their value.
  • Your reviews being available on our socials including X (Twitter) and our community Discord channel.
  • A dedicated Discord channel where users can give feedback on your services.
  • Coming Soon: Sponsorship opportunities for the India Bet League divisions.
  • Coming Soon: Adverts displayed when users react to our articles.
  • Contact us to discus any other advertising requests not mentioned above.

Please note that India Bet self hosts all bookmaker banners to ensure privacy and safety of our users, for quality control and to stop images being adblocked.

Legal Disclaimer

At India Bet we earn our revenue from advertising. Some of these adverts are related to gambling. Whilst we are a UK company and have users from all over the globe, we are aware that we do get some users from India.

We would like to offer all users of India Bet the following advise and warning:

  • Be aware that gambling laws vary between states and territories. Please check your local laws before engaging in any real money gambling.

  • In the UK gambling is legal and regulated, however gambling laws vary from country to country, so whichever territory you are from you should always check your local laws before performing real money gambling.

  • In India, laws vary from state to state and again we ask users to refer to their local laws before gambling with real money.

India Bet takes no responsibility for actions performed by it’s users outside of India Bet or on the sites of any of it’s advertising partners. India Bet does not condone gambling in any way.

We take advertising on India Bet very seriously and have strict rules in place to ensure our website loads quickly, is safe to use and that the users make informed and responsible decisions.

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