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An account is needed for the India Bet League and winning prizes.

1xBet offers a wide range of sports betting options and casino games. It is one of the best cricket betting sites in India, offering convenient deposit methods, a user-friendly betting platform, and live betting features.

You will need an India Bet account to gain access to members only activies like the India Bet League and receiving digital rewards. All existing members of India Bet (OG) will need to create a brand new account, details below.

Existing Members

Signed up to India Bet before Fri 22 March 2024

  • Everyone must create a new account on India Bet.
  • Many existing users have out of date information.
  • Duplicate accounts will be removed.
  • Easy migration process.
  • Become part of the ever growing India Bet community*

You Earned It

DON'T PANIC: Everything is considered when calculating your starting rank.

  • Each and every existing India Bet member who has signed up in the past 12 years will be able to migrate their rank over to their new India Bet account.

Some of our players have been with us, playing every day, for 10 years. Some have been here for 5 years or more and a whole bunch of people are only a few years old.

None of your effort will be wasted and we have secret formulas** to calculate your rank within your first India Bet League season and the rewards you will receive.

  • Migration CODE: Shown on OG India Bet Homepage, sent to registered email address.

* Have your best chance to win by getting involved now before you are competing with 1000s of other players. ** Secret but common sense: account age, lifetime IBR and stars, claimed prizes and ROI metrics, oh and secret sauce.

Thank You

Thank you to all our long term members who have been showing their support on our Discord server.

India Bet signups are currently disabled but are coming soon. Check our Discord for more detailed and regular #announcements.

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