India Bet League

Free to play seasonal betting league coming in Q3 2024

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The India Bet League (IBL) is a seasonal competition where everyone can participate and win prizes by betting on sporting events with IBR (India Bet Rupees). This involves betting daily from a hand picked selection of upcoming sporting events using IBR and will include top matches from cricket, football, kabaddi and so on.

Players must use their betting skills to progress through each division in the IBL until they reach the final Master Division which offers the largest prize pool and largest individual prize. An additional aim is for players to turn their starting 100 IBR into 1 crore IBR thus winning the India Bet League Jackpot.

Alongside the daily bets players can also collect cards by interacting with the site which can be used within the IBL for a strategic advantage such as rebuys, hiding bets and sneak peaks with a very rare chance for instant promotion into a higher division.


Each season ends with the India Bet League Winner being crowned. As the next season starts, new content is released, jackpots are reset or rolled over, everyone starts again in last season’s division. Your IBR balance is unaffected when a new season starts.

  • Each IBL Season usually lasts 12 weeks.
  • Five IBL divisions to progress through, each with rewards.
  • Cash prizes* are awarded to the top players in the top 3 IBL divisions.
  • First place in the Master Division wins the IBL season.

Season One

The India Bet League’s first season is coming in Q3 2024, following this structure. We are hoping to cover the T20 World Cup and the preliminary prize pool details are as follows:

More Information

The above is just a summary of what is on offer each India Bet season. Find out exactly what the prizes are for the each division and what it takes to win the IBL. Be aware of all the jackpots running on India Bet throughout the season and how to win them. Also note that India Bet cards play an important role when trying to win the IBL and jackpots.

List of divisions and prize pools.

What are cards & what do they do?

The big jackpots you can win!

The India Bet League is a free to play betting competition where players bet with a virtual currency called IBR and work their way through the divisions to win prizes.

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