Kabaddi in India: Past, present and future

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Kabaddi is one of the oldest and most traditional sports in India. It is a perfect blend of power, skill, and strategy. It has grown from a rural sport to an international phenomenon, especially with the advent of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). Here we look at the history of Kabaddi, its leading teams, betting strategies, and what the future holds for this thrilling sport.

A Sport Rooted in History

Originating more than 4000 years ago, Kabaddi finds mention in Hindu scriptures and ancient Indian epics. Traditionally, it was played in villages across India to improve reflexes and self-defence skills. The rules were formalised during the 20th century, leading to its inclusion in the Indian Olympic Games in the 1930s and the Asian Games in 1990.

Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)

Launched in 2014, the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) transformed the sport, taking it from muddy fields to modern indoor arenas. PKL operates on a franchise-based model, inspired by cricket's IPL, featuring top international and domestic players.

Some successful teams in PKL history include:

  • Patna Pirates: Known for their aggressive playing style, Patna Pirates have won the title three times, with their raider Pardeep Narwal often leading the charge.
  • Jaipur Pink Panthers: The inaugural champions of PKL have remained competitive throughout the seasons, under the astute guidance of veteran Navneet Gautam.
  • Bengaluru Bulls: Powered by raider Pawan Sehrawat, they clinched their first title in the sixth season.

Betting on Kabaddi

Betting on kabaddi has surged in popularity alongside the growth of the sport. Here are some factors to consider while betting, you can use websites such as Sportskeeda and myKhel to check kabaddi stats in detail.

  • Team Form: Recent performances give an indication of a team's form, which is a crucial factor.
  • Player Performance: Raiders score the points in Kabaddi, so keep a close eye on their form.
  • Home Advantage: Home teams often have the edge due to familiar conditions and crowd support.
  • Head-to-Head Records: Some teams traditionally perform better against certain opponents. Types of bets include match winner, player with the most raid points, and total points in a match.

The Future of Kabaddi

The future of Kabaddi looks promising, thanks to its rising popularity and structured development. PKL continues to grow, and efforts are being made to include Kabaddi in the Olympic Games, which could greatly boost its global profile.

The government and Kabaddi associations are also focusing on grassroots development. Talent hunts and local tournaments are being organised across India to discover and nurture new talent.

In conclusion, Kabaddi, with its mix of tradition and modernity, is a sport that India truly owns. Its rise, both in terms of popularity and professional setup, is a testament to India's sporting evolution. Whether you're a player, spectator, or bettor, Kabaddi offers a unique thrill that few other sports can match.

The traditional Indian sport of Kabaddi has surged in popularity thanks to exciting professional leagues and offers captivating betting opportunities.

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